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alpha zero clan

we crush all who stands in our way, we outsmart outclass and out manuever all of our enemies, we are alpha zero.
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 rules of clan

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shadow wolf

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PostSubject: rules of clan   Tue Aug 23, 2011 4:42 am

these rules must be followed you get 3 strikes and your out.

rule 1. no disrespect of any kind to any members

rule 2. the use of noobtubes and rpgs is forbidden with the exeption of take out spy planes or helicopters

rule 3. hacking is an immediate ban if your caught using hacks there are no second chances for the sake of the clans good name.

rule 4. multi clanning is forbidden either your with us or against us.

rule 5. no glitching of anykind if it is a minor glitch an higher power (admin or mod) will decide if its punishable.

these rules are written in stone others will be added when neccesary
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rules of clan
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